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Commercial / Business Premises

A tennis court is around 2800 square feet; the pitch at Wembley Stadium is around 78000.

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Virtual Tour Pricing

Calculate the cost of a virtual tour project instantly with our price generator. It’s based on internal area for commercial properties, or number of bedrooms for residential real estate.

Need to discuss your project?

Give us a call or an email to talk through the details of your virtual tour.

Multiple Properties

For projects containing multiple properties we apply a discount according to the total number of units, with greater reductions for larger projects.


Virtual tour prices are discounted significantly if we work together on multiple properties in a given month, on an ongoing basis.


Photography and floor plan measurements can both be taken whilst scanning a virtual tour, so can be offered at reduced rates.


Do you serve my location?

We work with clients internationally from our two UK offices in London and Bournemouth. Travel charges may sometimes apply, but we do our best to avoid extra costs.

How long does it take?

As a guide, 4 bedroom residential real estate takes approximately 3 hours to scan. We’ll do this on the day that you choose.

Why are ViewScape tours better?

Unlike most, our tours are created with 99.9% accurate laser-guided, infrared scanners; not simply stitched together 360 photos like most. This means you get multiple vantage points per room, no stitching errors or glitches, and more 360º navigation.

How much will it cost?

Virtual tour pricing depends on the number of properties and the size of the overall real estate. We also consider whether you need virtual reality capability, photography or floor plans.

Ongoing business?

We form longstanding partnerships with companies and individuals alike, including estate agents, landlords and businesses. In these cases we discount our virtual tour prices according to the number of properties on a monthly basis.

How it Works

1. Booking

Get in touch or fill out the form with your project details

2. Scanning

We’ll visit and 3D scan your property an an agreed time

3. Processing

We’ll create your bespoke virtual tour with our software

4. Delivery

You’ll typically receive your virtual tour in a few days

Volume Pricing for Virtual Tours

2-5 Properties


Virtual tours for two to five properties

6-9 Properties


Virtual tours for six to nine properties

10-19 Properties


Virtual tours up to nineteen properties

20+ Properties


Virtual tours over twenty properties

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