Virtual Reality Property Tours

ViewScape create immersive virtual reality tours of properties. We’re a team of creative, project and property professionals, with a consultative approach to designing engaging VR experiences, for properties from houses to hotels, universities, restaurants and beyond.

We undertake complex projects for large estates and portfolios, contracts for ongoing property stock, as well as single VR tours.

  • Navigation

    Walk around without leaving your seat – by looking at a dot for 3 seconds inside your virtual reality property, you’ll be transported to that location. Users can view your property in full 360° HD as they move from room to room.

  • 100% Accurate

    Our virtual reality tours are not made from a CGI render of your property, nor are they made from stitched together 360° photographs; they’re made with laser-guided, infrared space mapping technology, combined with photo-accurate imaging and lifelike dimensions.

  • Compatibility

    Virtual reality property tours work seamlessly with all of the major VR hardware, including Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and SmartVR. All you need to use them is a modern smartphone with gyroscopic tchnology.

  • All Devices

    As well as VR headsets, you’ll get a virtual tour of your property which is compatible with any website, social media page, and Google Maps, on devices from desktop to tablets and mobile. You’ll also get 3D interactive ‘doll house’ floor plans, and a video showcase. Find out more about online virtual tours.

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