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The holiday accommodation market is one that is fast moving and ever changing. The internet has become the battle zone for attracting custom. The industry is increasingly becoming saturated with added competitive pressures from room sharing platforms such as Airbnb. Considering this, a good online advertisement coupled with a strong online presence can make all the difference in getting business. Below are 3 ways you can spruce up your online advertisements and attract more customers, and stay ahead of competitors.

1.) 360 Virtual Tours

This technology is a no-brainer for the hotel industry. The solutions are largely based around creating a 3D virtual representation of a space allowing potential customers to be immersed within a space from the comfort of their PC, tablet or mobile phone. Some even come VR enabled, enhancing the experience further for those users with a virtual reality headset. I begin with this recommendation as it’s really the key to differentiating yourself from your competitors. Potential customers are given the ability to immerse themselves inside the hotel room to walk around it as though they were already there, and because some virtual tours are 99.9% accurate in dimensional capture, what they see, is what they get; as you can imagine this inevitably inspires confidence in the customer’s path to purchase, but more importantly, increases room occupancy rates. Despite the growth in this technology, the adoption rates have been slow. Thomas Cook is leading the way in this area and have reaped the benefits of applying virtual reality headsets in their stores through increased holiday bookings, but there’s still plenty of time to get on board because this innovation is very much still in its infancy. Another important thing to mention is that this technology shouldn’t have to come at a large expense. It’s entirely possible to get a mobile responsive 360 3D Virtual Tour that is VR enabled at less than £1000. See more details at the bottom of this article.

2.) Ultra HD Photography

Photography is currently the primary method for presenting properties in online advertisements. Along with user reviews, it is often the deciding factor for a customer booking. Therefore, it is imperative that any photograph attached to an advertisement is of the highest quality, with the correct framing and exposure. Ultimately, the quality of your photographs on your online advertisements will reflect the standard of your establishment. Poor quality or deceptive photographs are rife within the industry and present themselves as a big red flag to potential customers. In this day and age, it is odd that this still occurs, but it does. Presentation is everything, and there’s huge potential to attract more customers with high-quality photographs of what you have to offer. Therefore we recommend to any hotel that they hire a professional photographer to photograph their establishment. Now, this need not be expensive as professional photography can come at as little as £249. If you ask us, that’s a small cost for such a big reward. See more details at the bottom of this article.

3.) Videography

Videography provides another dimension to your advertisements. Videos can be used to show a general overview of the space, facilities and the surrounding areas. It can also be effective to have staff to feature in the video productions to give potential customers a feel for the customer service they should expect. Videos can create an emotional response from customers whether it is through the background music or having smiling staff feature in the video. Photographs are static and are often accused of lacking the same “life” that videos give, so why not have both? Videos bring life to your advertisement and have shown themselves to be a tried and tested method in boosting engagement, click-through rates, conversion rates and ROI. It is always recommended to enlist a professional with knowledge on the pre-and post-production process. Ultimately, it depends on the quality and level of professionalism you are looking to achieve. See more details at the bottom of this article.

This is the first of a series of blog posts, this one covered the media aspects of online advertisements. In the next blog post, I’ll discuss ways to increase market share through effective digital marketing and website layout. In the meantime, check out Viewscape, who provide competitive packages for 360 Virtual Tours (VR Enabled), Professional Photography (including Aerial & 360 Photography) and Videography (Including 360 Videography).


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