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We’re ViewScape, a creative agency built for the property industry. Our unique mix of experience covers all aspects of digital marketing, project management, and extensive property industry backgrounds.

Why SEO?

When people search online for architectural services, the search engines show them website pages which are both relevant to the search phrase, and have a high level of perceived authority or trustworthiness.

Most potential clients don’t look past the first page of the search engine results when they’re looking for an architect. And with only the most relevant and trustworthy websites being shown on the first page, search engine optimisation is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy.

SEO is an ongoing process by which your website’s relevance to search phrases is optimised over time, and the overall authority rating of your website is improved in a sustainable way.

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1. SEO Audit

We’ll deep dive into your website with our comprehensive checklist of search engine optimisation elements, identifying areas of best practice and – most importantly – the areas where your SEO can be improved.

This gives us a detailed view of your current position and forms the basis of your SEO strategy, allowing us to prioritise the factors of search optimisation which will increase your website traffic from the outset, as well as providing long-term value with a fully bespoke optimisation plan.

2. Keyword Strategy

‘Keywords’ in SEO refer to the specific words and terms that your potential clients are using on search engines. “Local architect”, “Best architects in Islington”, and “Manchester planning consultants” are all examples.

Designing your keyword strategy involves finding the specific phrases that your local target market are searching for most often, so that we can ensure your website pages are correctly optimised to target them.

We don’t stop here. Next, critially analysing the SEO of your competitors is an essential part of knowing how to ensure your website shows above theirs in search engine results, and to ensuring maximised return on your SEO investment.

3. On-page & Technical Optimisation

On-page Optimisation

Our comprehensive checklist of on-page SEO factors is constantly updated according to Google’s latest algorithm changes. We use this to optimise your web pages according to your keyword strategy, so that search engines can clearly see which search phrases or keywords your site should be shown for when customers are searching the web.

Technical SEO

It’ not only about optimising your web pages; our technical SEO works on the performance of your website as a whole in terms of loading time, security, structure and user experience. Search engines like Google increasingly pay attention to these factors when deciding how trustworthy your website is.

4. Off-page SEO & Local Link Building

Local SEO

A local architect in Glasgow doesn’t necessarily want to market themselves to people in Weymouth. This is where local SEO comes in.

When searching for architectural services on Google people usually see the results which are most local (and relevant) to them – provided that their website is correctly locally optimised.

Link Building

Relevance to keywords is one element of the search engine algorithm; whilst the authority and trustworthiness of your website is just as important. Trust is determined in many ways, the most important of which is the number of referral links to your website from others throughout the internet.

We build high quality and relevant backlinks to your website through our partnerships with leading property industry websites and media outlets. Over time this builds trust between your site and search engines, which ultimately leads to improvements in rankings and traffic.

5. Content Marketing

Once we’ve optimised your existing web pages, we’ll have a long list of keywords which are relevant to your business but not yet targeted by your website.

This is where content marketing comes in. We create compelling and engaging content – like blog posts, infographics, videos and downloadable content – to capture your entire SEO strategy and consistently increase website traffic through search.

6. Monitoring & Reporting

Return on investment is central to our partnership approach. We take it upon ourselves to constantly monitor your SEO performance, report on success and areas for improvement, and make actionable recommendations to generate real business leads.

Made for the Built Evironment.

ViewScape are digital marketing specialists exclusively for the property industry. Our team, partnerships and processes are all built specifically for architectural services. We know what we’re good at and we never take on work which falls outside of our extensive experience with the built environment.

The result for you is a digital partner with both leading SEO expertise, and understanding of the complexities of your industry. We don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’, we believe that understanding our clients and their market leads to a greater return on your SEO investment.

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