Immersive 360° Virtual Tours for Gyms

  • Compatible

    Virtual tours can be added to your gym’s website, other websites, your social media campaigns, in Google Maps and search. They can be viewed on desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile and in Virtual Reality.

  • Highlights & Video Showcase

    Select the key selling points of your gym from the virtual tour, and add them to the highlight reel, which displays at the bottom of the screen. Press the play button will show a 360° video of your gym.

  • Embedded Media

    Showcase the best features of your gym in detail with ‘information tags’ in your virtual tour. When clicked, they display any of over 400 media types, such as images, videos, text, class timetables, membership options…

  • Online Traffic & SEO

    Gyms and health clubs with virtual tours have a better display on Google and on Maps, with the tour accessible from within the map or search, resulting in more traffic to your website.

  • More Memberships

    Virtual tours help to generate more online membership sales for your gym or leisure centre, especially customers who find you online, as it allows them to see your facilities without visiting first.

  • Digital Generations

    Marketing your gym or health club to millennials requires an engaging digital experience. For those who exercise often and care about the facilities they use, virtual tours are accessible and attention-grabbing.

Create Your Virtual Tour

Tell us about your project, we’ll discuss how best to meet your needs, then design your bespoke online 360° virtual experience.

Do you have multiple gym sites? We offer discounts for portfolio projects.


Stand Out Online

A gym virtual tour will drive traffic to your website through all of your online marketing channels.

Your digital media will be more engaging than competitors, and customers can see all they need to buy a membership.

On Google Maps

As well as websites and social media, virtual tours work with Google Maps ‘See Inside’, so users can explore your gym facilities when they’re searching the local area.

We also take photos for Google & social media profiles.

Social Buzz 

360° media draws a crowd on social media, and the social sharing options built-in to your virtual tour will showcase your gym or fitness club to an ever increasing local audience.

We also shoot videos & photos for social media campaigns.

Feature Rich

Embedded media in over 400 formats. Great for inbuilt induction or equipment videos.

Social sharing buttons.

Compatible with Virtual Reality.

The ‘dollhouse’ view and 3D floor plans.

Find out more

Questions? We’re happy to help! Get in touch and we’ll help to develop your vision.



Wide-angle interior, exterior, 360° and aerial images shot by professionally trained photographers. We do all post production editing and provide the original images.

Floor Plans

We create floor plans, including equipment layouts, in multiple formats: 2D schematic back and white; 3D birds-eye; and 3D ‘dollhouse’.


Videos to promote membership options and gym facilities, shot in bespoke formats including 360°, video walkthroughs, or virtual fly-through videos.


Websites for single gyms or large portfolios, complete with virtual tours, photos, videos and more. We handle all design, domain & hosting, and SEO.

Virtual Reality

Any virtual tour can be made VR compatible, so you can use the most cutting edge technology to advertise your business as part of a creative campaign.

Digital Design

Marketing materials from online advertisements to printed flyers; we can create everything you need to advertise your centre in print and online.

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