Digital Marketing for Construction Contractors

Grow your business with an integrated, targeted, lead-generation based online marketing system.

ViewScape are a creative agency dedicated to the built environment. We design and implement growth marketing strategies for construction companies and building contractors.

Why digital marketing?

Potential clients – from public sector organisations to residential homeowners – use the internet more than any other source to find construction services.

Our bespoke marketing systems are built to grow brand awareness, target your ideal clients geographically and demographically, and nurture contacts through the purchase decision making process.


Aligned with your business objectives and resources, we work with you to develop a documented marketing strategy with clear goals for growth.


We carry out integrated marketing services according to your strategy, designed to build awareness of your brand and deliver new business opportunities.


Prefer to manage your own digital marketing with our guidance? Our consultants advise with their strategic and operational marketing expertise whilst you manage the finer details.

Web Design, Optimisation & Analytics

Website Design & Build

The central hub of your digital marketing investment, this is where your company lives online and where your potential clients learn about your services.

We design and build professional company websites with creative design, compelling marketing communications, with built-in SEO.


Search engine optimisation is the process of ensuring your website is easy to find for your potential clients. Search engines have complex criteria for displaying websites at the top of search results, and our comprehensive SEO process ensures that your website shows above your competition.


Monitoring, analysis and improvement. We take an in-depth review of your online metrics – from website traffic to email and social media engagement – and make actionable recommendations for increasing the reach of your marketing investment among your potential clients.

Content Marketing

Content Strategy

Content marketing is the process of creating materials which provide value to your target market, distributing them through channels in a targeted way, converting viewers to contacts, and nurturing them as business leads over time.

We’ll devise a strategy based around your brand’s key messages, with a strict focus on delivering value to your audience in a way which engages them with your company’s services.

Content Channels

Web & Blog

Pages, blog content, project case studies and gated lead generation materials.


You’ll need lead generation content to build a list of contacts, then timely emails in scheduled or automated campaigns.


Build a following, keep in touch with clients, and show the personable side of your business. We provide strategy and account management.


Managed pay per click online advertising campaigns, targeted directly at your ideal clients.

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Eye-catching Visual Marketing Materials.

Brochure and advertisement design, photography, and reality capture.


Brochures & Print Marketing

Professionally designed brochures, flyers, and other print marketing.


Online PPC and banner adverts, and print advert design for publications.


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